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Canterbury Interschool Chess Competitions

Team Competition (A Grade, B Grade & Social)

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Entries are now closed.

Venue: Limes room, first floor Christchurch Town Hall

Registration: at the venue from 9am

Approximate finish time: 2:30pm

Price: $50 per team. Each team should comprise four players [optional: one additional reserve player]. Entries are now closed.

● A Grade: Limited to one team per school per age group. This is the official regional qualifier for the NZCF national interschool finals. Competition will be run with clocks using the same format as previous years.

● B Grade: Any number of teams per school per age group. This is not a qualifier for further events, but will be run similarly to the A Grade section (with clocks) so players can get experience at this level.

● Social Grade: Any number of teams per school per age group. Will be run similarly to social events in previous years (without clocks). Great experience for newer players.

Age group divisions within each grade will be:

Players need to be familiar with all rules and use of chess clocks if appropriate to their grade.

Entries are subject to venue capacity. If entries exceed capacity, we reserve the right to reduce the number of entries (schools will be advised if this is the case after entries close). We also reserve the right to combine grades if entry levels are low (again, schools will be notified).

Schools are welcome to enter teams into one, two or all grades but must provide a teacher to supervise if entering more than THREE teams.

Home school and composite teams are welcome in the B Grade and Social Grade sections but may not enter the A Grade section.

Schools will be invoiced after entries are closed and numbers confirmed.

Entries are now closed.

If schools need to change or withdraw their entry, please email

Girls' Team Competition

To be announced. Keep checking back!

Individual Competition

ISCCT have yet to decide if an Individual Competition will go ahead this year.

Competition Rules & Regulations